Sakuragaoka Ski Hill

Sorry for the long break in posting; I’ve been busy with one of my favorite things to do in winter. I’ve been making a lot of visits to here- Takinoue’s local ski hill!

Sakuragaoka is located within Takinoue, and is only 5 minutes from my house. I have been going there almost every night to work on my skiing skills. Being from Texas, I had never actually practiced skiing before moving to Hokkaido, and I’m really lucky to live so close to a decent hill! With how much snow Takinoue generally gets every year, it usually has really great snow conditions, and I hope I will be able to ski well into March here.

It has 3 runs, and they range in level of difficulty. The course under the lift, the dynamic course, was super difficult for me when I first started skiing, but now I can do it (kind of). The other hills have gentler slopes.

Besides this, Sakuragaoka is really cheap to ski at- a day ticket is only 1,500 yen (15$) and a night ticket is 500 yen ($5). I actually ended up getting a season pass- which was 15,000 yen, which is around 150 American dollars. This is so cheap, especially compared to skiing in any of the popular America areas! I’m really lucky that this is an opportunity for me.


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